The Knitting Help Desk – when you can’t get to a shop, find a video, or you’re just stuck.

The idea for The Knitting Help Desk was born out of necessity.

Along with all the bad that came with 2020, there was some good. Time slowed down a bit, traffic let up a lot, some people baked bread, some got caught up binge-watching TV shows, school was attended through Zoom, and some people learned new skills.

One of theses skills was knitting. I had frazzled knitters (new and experienced) reach out to me because they couldn’t get in-person help at their local yarn shop. It was no fault of the yarn shops. Things were closed. We got it. In an effort to keep knitting, some would try to find a video online. And it worked for most. Others would put aside their current project and cast on a new one, soon facing another stopping point. And the WIPs kept piling up.

So I offered online one-on-one help through video chat. And it worked! I could help knitters get unstuck, learn a new stitch, and teach beginners all from the comfort of our respective homes. So when you get stuck, The Knitting Help Desk is here!

Your Instructor – Anni

Anni has been knitting for a few decades and teaching for the last 10 years. She has completed the Master Hand Knitting Certification with The Knitting Guild Association and is in the process of getting certified in Technical Editing. She has published a few popular patterns and hosted a few workshops. She is a knitter for hire, knitting custom Christmas stockings and does finishing work for other knitters. Her favorite stitch pattern is the Garter Stitch. It has a beautiful simplicity that can be elegant in monochrome or fun when mixed with colors or different yarn textures.

Anni works at a rock climbing gym in Orange County. When she’s not working or knitting, she enjoys reading, playing board games, watching TV or movies, hanging out with family and friends, and recently took up sewing. She loves the outdoors and tries to get outside for climbing, hiking, or overnight camping trips.

Currently Knitting: too many things on needles right now
Currently Reading: “This is Where I Leave You” by Jonathan Tropper, “Miracle Workers” by Simon Rich, and working through the Harry Potter series again, but in French.
Currently Binge-Watching: “The Handmaids Tale”, and “Doctor Who”
Current Project Besides Knitting: Sewing face masks IG: @anni.crafts.masks

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